Antenatal Care

Together with Perth Maternity, we’re proud and excited to offer the services of an alternative model of personalised, woman-centred maternity care to the Broome community. Endorsed Midwife and Lactation Consultant, Tracey Gilchrist, from Kimberley Maternity (formerly ‘To the Ninth & Beyond), has extensive experience in meeting your individual needs during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Tracey can provide antenatal care to mums from when the pregnancy is confirmed up until birth; during this period, she will engage the maternity services at the local healthcare setting. She can also continue to provide support and guidance for up to six weeks after birth. With her international lactation consultancy credential, she is experienced in providing guidance that will help optimise the breastfeeding experience for mums and newborns alike.

We encourage you to engage Tracey during your pregnancy and discuss your personal circumstances if…

  • You have metabolic conditions such as gestational diabetes and PCOS, or
  • You have previously experienced breast surgery, assisted conception, or planned elective caesarean sections


Women seeking private midwifery services can either self-refer or be referred to Tracey by their GP in early pregnancy.

To enquire about this premium option of care and its associated costs, please contact us on 9157 9860.

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