Skin Checks

At Kimberley Medical Group we have doctors who are experienced and qualified in the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of all skin cancers. We can undertake full body skin checks and perform skin cancer removal, if required.

Our practice is equipped to carry out procedures that treat pre-cancerous sun spots, various skin lesion biopsies and surgical excisions of skin cancers. In some instances, your doctor may need to refer you on for more specialised care depending on your biopsy results or skin lesion location.

It is important that you mention to the receptionist when booking that your appointment is for a skin check so that a 30-minute appointment can be arranged with the appropriate doctor. A referral letter is NOT required.

You should get a skin check if you notice a:

Some procedures are non refundable from Medicare or from your private health fund. Your doctor will discuss this with you at the time of your consultation. The costs of these procedures help cover the cost of various items used during the procedure including disposable equipment, surgical packs, antiseptic solutions, local anaesthetic, sutures, dressings and steri-strips.

For skin related procedures these fees are one off and you won’t be charged anything out of pocket when you return for:

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