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As a rural GP based in the heart of Broome, Western Australia, Kimberley Medical Group is passionate about Closing the Gap and achieving health equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

Unfortunately, Indigenous Australians are at a much higher disadvantage in terms of their health and wellbeing. Statistically, the life expectancy for Aboriginal men is 8.6 years lower than for non-Aboriginal men. Aboriginal women’s life expectancy is 7.8 years lower than non-Aboriginal women. Additionally, the incidence of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease, are higher for Indigenous Australians compared to non-Indigenous Australians. 

At Kimberley Medical Group, our GPs are dedicated to bridging the gap and making health services more accessible for Aboriginal Australians. 

Along with our general medical services, we are proud to offer culturally sensitive services. These include FREE yearly health check ups for all ages of the Aboriginal community and free flu shots. We also offer comprehensive chronic disease management assistance and referrals to relevant allied health services.

Our GPs are also very passionate about improving and managing the health of Aboriginal children. Between 2014 and 2018, the mortality rate for Indigenous children aged 0 to 4 was more than twice the rate compared to non-Indigenous children. 

A study undertaken by Accredited Practising Dietitian, Dympna Leonard and her research team, found that more than 60% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children between the ages of 6 to 23 months who were living in far north Queensland experienced anaemia. This is caused by iron deficiencies which has significantly negative impacts on a child’s growth. 

It is for these reasons we urge parents and guardians to prioritise the health of their little ones and to seek medical advice, even if symptoms seem small. 

At our medical practice, we offer the Sick Kids Clinic which is open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 7:30 and 8:30am for children under 16 years old. Your appointment is bulk-billed and there is no appointment necessary – just walk in and wait to be seen.

Another way we show our love and support for the little ones of our community is through our Feed The Little Children (FTLC) Christmas charity. For the past two years we have encouraged people in the community to donate things like toys (old or new) non-perishable food items, and any donation you can spare. This is to provide better nutrition for under-privileged kids during the holiday season. So far, the Broome community has been incredibly generous at giving back and we, and the kids, are forever grateful. 

To secure your FREE yearly health check up, call 9157 9860 or book online via HotDoc.

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