Women Are Important At Kimberley Medical Group

While opportunities and rights for women across Australia have come a long way, women still face disparities. This is an issue we are passionate about at Kimberley Medical Group.

There are a great deal of factors as to why this is – some of which include a low socio-economic background, education, race and living remotely. 

As a Broome-based practice, we meet a number of women who face disadvantage. Generally, many women report feeling unheard and dismissed when seeking health-related advice but, at Kimberley Medical Group, we offer a safe, supportive and no-judgement atmosphere. We encourage women to feel empowered to learn about and improve their health.

When it comes to contraception, we will not simply prescribe you something without first discussing your needs, lifestyle and health background. If you do feel a contraceptive such as the Mirena, Implanon or Copper Intrauterine Device (IUD) is right for you after a discussion, we are qualified to perform the insertion at the clinic.

The doctors at Kimberley Medical Group are highly experienced in providing women’s health and family planning services such as: pre-pregnancy assessment, contraception advice, assistance with fertility issues and also antenatal care and postnatal checks.

We also offer services and discussions such as pap smears, breast checks, pre-pregnancy counselling, menopause, sexual and domestic violence, and chronic disease management for diseases such as endometriosis.

Importantly, KMG offers after hours appointments, allowing patients to discuss any of these issues in confidence. 

One of the ways we show our support of women and women’s health is by involving ourselves in community charities and events. For example, in support of the 10% of women dealing with the effects of endometriosis, we participated in the EndoMarch 2019 campaign and held a morning tea to raise money for Endometriosis Australia.

What is particularly worrisome about endometriosis is that symptoms can be common things such as pelvic or abdominal pain, fatigue, bladder and bowel problems, or irregular bleeding. This is a highly under-researched disease which causes some women to get diagnosed after years and years of suffering. While there is no cure, you can trust our women’s health professionals to listen and help manage your symptoms.

Click here to find out what other women’s health services we provide.

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